DMVPN redundancy

In this post I want to show you how to implement redundancy in DMVPN network. Cisco DMVPN design guide says that there are two kinds of redundancy in DMVPN networks: 1- Dual hub/Single DMVPN cloud 2- Dual hub/Dual DMVPN cloud

EIGRP Named-Mode

Starting with version 15, Cisco has announced major changes to its IOS and one of them is the way of configuring the EIGRP. This method is called EIGRP named-Mode, in which you are supposed to configure EIGRP with given name,

BGP Communities

This is small topic about using the communities in BGP. I’m going to use the topology from previous topic, which was about “MPLS VPN”. As you remember, R1 had generated an aggregate route to R3. But customer B’s router, R2,

MPLS VPN – Part 2

For reference, I put our topology here and continue. Remember the requirements that emphasis on incapability of R3 router to run MPLS. So we need to create a tunnel between two PE routers, because these two routers don’t have direct